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How can you conceal drugs from drug-sniffing dogs?

Going anonymous, for obvious reasons.

In my younger years I was involved in the free party scene aka illegal raves.

I helped set up these things, and organise where people would meet keeping the location a secret from even my closest friends until about 11pm the night of the party. This was before the world of social media so it was down to word of mouth as to how people who came to free parties found out where they were.

Despite all these precautions, the police invariably found out and it was fairly common for them to turn up with sniffer dogs.

Almost everyone at these things had one form of drug or another on them, so as a responsible party organisers we took precautions to protect our patrons.

Over the years many techniques were developed, the most basic being that when the sniffer dogs arrived it was announced over the sound system and people simply threw their remaining drugs away. By the time the police got wind as to where we were most people had taken the moajority of their drugs anyway, and probably only threw away tiny bits at the bottom of bags.

But there was a more aggressive technique used to “disableā€ The sniffer dogs.

What you did was take your bong, smoke as much weed through it as you could possibly manage, then put the water in one of those household spray bottles, like you use for watering house plants or surface cleaning sprays.

As anyone who’s ever smoked a bong knows, this water stinks, and is horrendously unpleasant.

When the sniffer dog showed up it was simply a case of spraying this spray around a load of places that looked like they would be a good place to stash drugs, with no drugs in them. Like the turntable cases, random people’s coats they’d left in a pile, the back of someone’s van and so on.

The sniffer dogs would find these places, they would spend ages searching them and wasting time.

Due to all this time wasting, it was very rare for someone at one of our raves to get arrested for possession.

Not so much concealment as distraction.

There was one guy who used to try and spray the water in the dogs faces as he thought this would completely confuse and disable them. Turns out that didn’t work, and when the police realised what he was doing he got arrested, and ultimately got charged for dealing when they raided his flat and found a load of weed plants.

We were a bunch of animal loving hippies and didn’t approve of this techniques so it was a relief when he disappeared.



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