Tuesday, May 11, 2021
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How do I cope with the fact that I will never have a girlfriend?

For me, I know for a fact that I will never get a girlfriend because I’ve tried multiple times and have been rejected every single one. So far it has been six times that I’ve been turned down. It’s obvious that the average woman only cares and values if the man is good looking, has a built body, behaves horribly and disrespectfully, and has unhealthy habits such as vaping, smoking, etc. it’s so depressing and sickening to know that the average girl wants this and cares about this only and not on who they are on the inside and if they are a good and nice person and on how they view life and everything in a positive manner. Unfortunately for me though I’ve accepted my fate that I’ll forever be a single virgin, heck I could probably get the role to star a reboot of the 40 year old virgin. I’ve had lots of my family and friends tell me that I will find one some day very soon and to move on but it’s obvious that it is a huge lie and propaganda. I will never do anything bad like trying to hurt myself and others because that is evil and I’m a good hearted person but I still remain happy, smart, fast, and strong by forgetting about all possibilities of a romantic relationship. The best thing that would make me happy is by sabotaging romantic relationships that are indeed unhealthy and bad for both sides because it would make me happy that I’ve prevented negative drama and destroyed a sin and spread more positivity, happiness, and goodness in our world. I know for a fact that even if a girl comes up to me and likes me and wants to be my girlfriend that I will immediately and naturally reject her all because I don’t want to get my heart broken and to be cheated on by her because I know when she sees some random ugly guy that is blonde haired, blue eyed, and ripped that she would dump me for him anyday. So I would be lucky that I dodged a bullet. So honesty screw romantic relationships that are just waiting to be destroyed and impact your life negatively, such a waste and humanity, time, and effort.



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