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How do I deal with a narcissist sis?

Have to be anonymous because some of my friends and acquaintances are on quora.

With narcissistic siblings the best thing to do is respectfully remain in their ‘outer circle’. maintain a certain amount of distance so you’re essentially meeting them infrequently for no other reason than you simply can’t meet because your busy with work, family, hobbies, etc.

If you live together try to stay out of thier way as much possible spending more time doing your own thing because peacefully existing with a narcissistic sibling in the same house is next to impossible. Try not to have mutual friends with them if possible. Trust me on this. If you have mutual friends there will come a time your narcissistic sibling will groom them and try to use them as a flying monkey against you and it could become and ugly tug of war.

If they try to engage you in verbal battle of any sort decline walk away. Get away from that shit. Do not let them rope you into a battle of wits. Because you can never win an argument with them or get them to see you point of view. It’s better to remain nuetral when they get angry for ambigous reasons and only offer neutral input.

Best to change the topic of conversation when you see them approaching the argumentative stage because you’ll know when their mood changes for the worse. You’ve seen them in action enough to know when to run for it!

narsissitic siblings often turn other family members against each other and enjoy the show. Know that realistically you can’t control what everyone believes. You can try to sort through the tangled web but unless rest of your family members understand the nature of your narcissistic sibling and experience it themselves they wont always understand what you’re talking about. So be patient and learn to let go.

Again, distance, both physically and emotionaly is the best thing you can have when dealing with your narcissitic sibling to avoid their inevitable toxic energy. Avoid giving them to much personal information on your life and your plans so that they can’t use it against you later. It’s hard to be distant with a sibling you’ve grown up with, but unfortunately a narcissist can never change so you have to accept your relationship with them unless distant will always be tumultuous.

This is the most important. Don’t trust them with your money or property. They will consume whats your’s and gulp it down without a shred of conscience. They will freeload on you or try to use you in any way they can if they know you are an empathic person and are willing to share your wealth by helping them out when they’re in a bind. Which they always are. They will leave you high and dry without any remorse. So always be careful if you plan to go into business with them.



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