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How do I download video clips from Udemy?

I have found it to be quite easy to upload the MP4 video to Google Drive, one lecture at a time, from my Android phone. Once you know the location of the MP4 video file, you can just use your “Files” app to share the file to Google Drive.

Short instructions:

  • To avoid confusion, make sure that only one lecture is available off line in the Udemy Android app.
  • If you have SD card storage enabled in the Udemy Android app settings when you make the lecture available off-line, then the MP4 file location is Media Card / Android / Data / /
    files / udemy-final-downloads / <random-folder-name>
  • Share the MP4 file with Google Drive.

Long version:

  1. In the Udemy Android app, go to Settings, and make sure “Download to External SD card” is enabled.
  2. Staying in the Udemy app, in the list of lectures of the course, make all lectures UN-available offline. When you have this right, every lecture in the list will have a picture of a cloud to the right. If any of the lectures have a picture of a trash can instead of a cloud, then tap on the trash can to change it into a cloud.
  3. Now make only the one lecture you are going to upload available, by tapping on the cloud. After you do this, every lecture will have a cloud next to it, except for the one lecture you have chosen for upload, which will have a trash can.
  4. Open a “Files” app on your phone. Many phones have a Files app built in. If yours doesn’t have one, or if it is hard to find or confusing to use, then install the “FX” app from the Play Store.
  5. In the built-in Files app (or in FX), tap on your SD card (may be called “SD Card” or “Media Card” or “External Storage”), then “Android”, then “Data”. Then scroll down to near the bottom of the list, and tap on “”, then “files”, then “udemy-final-downloads”. If you completed steps 2 and 3 correctly, you will see just one folder, whose folder name is a random 7-digit number. Tap on it.
  6. You should see a single MP4 file, with some random file name. Share it with Google Drive. To do this in FX:
    1. Long-press the filename
    2. Tap “Share”
    3. Scroll down the list, and tap “Save to Drive”
    4. At the bottom of the resulting screen, the target folder location in Google Drive (i.e. the Google Drive folder where the lecture video will end up when you are done) will be shown. If you want to change this, you can tap on the folder name and browse to a different Google Drive folder.
    5. Tap “Save”
  7. The file will be uploaded to Google Drive in about 2 minutes. If you are not currently connected to Wifi, the upload might be delayed until the next time you are on Wifi (depending on your phone settings).
  8. In my experience, Udemy uses identical filenames for the MP4 files of all lectures. So if you think you will ever download more than one lecture, be sure to change the file name in Google Drive. If you have trouble finding the file on the Google Drive web page, just tap “Recent” on the left.



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