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How do I manage obesity?

The questioner herself has written a fairly comprehensive answer. However, I would add a few points more as a supplement to her nice write up.

Childhood obesity is now recognised as an equally important problem as in adults. This is due to a variety of reasons , important of them are : children lost their irreplaceable childhood pleasures like tension free life , playing with peers and horribly increased consumption of junk foods containing thinly coated plastic materials and artificial colours and excessive sugars. TV and cell phone use is far in excess of reasonable limits. School syllabus even from 1st standered is frightening. The less we talk about school safety and teaching abilities the better it’s. Parents are equally responsible. Most of them think “ if we somehow admit the boy in a particular school we need not bother about him” This attitude is most dangerous to parents themselves as the boy would think the same way “ if I send this much amount of money I will be doing my duty” Parent! You , lost your child , sorry !! The interaction between parents and their own children and the society is deplorable.

Psychological problems are more common now than ever before. The tension has a telling effect on their future. The education system has becom e a national shame. I’m stressing so much on this as our future safety and security is at stake ; they are our future men in infantry and airmen and administrators and rulers.

I will briefly touch upon treatment and prevention aspects. Surgery , except in rare cases has no role unless you risk willingly for cosmetic purpose.

Food habits need to be changed from nonveg to veg foods as far as possible. At least one fourth of food should ideally be of fresh frouts of the season , raw fresh vegetable in the form of salads every day. Daily exercise for a minimum of 30 -40 minutes every day and please consider no one has a right to dining table without sweating in earlier part of the day. Mere feeling of tiresomeness after spending 8 hrs in chair in office is not exercise. Keep your self away from TV and cell phone for your convenient hours all days. Additional salt and too many sweets should be avoided even if you are not a hypertensive or diabetic. There are some drugs which tend to promote weight gain and seek your doctor s advice in this regard.

Do not let anger and jealousy come near you ; they ultimately lead to your increased mental tension.

Seek a good experienced councillor for your child and for your self— half of child councelling is in councelling the parents. Councelling is not mere advising or teaching morals ; essentially it’s making the person to think for himself the way you want him to be.

The supplimentary answer has become too lengthy to continue any further.



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