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How would you describe your best friend in one sentence?

It’s weird. Best friend doesn’t come off to me the same way it comes off to everyone else. Let me tell you a story of a best friend I had, the last best friend I ever had. In second grade. We walked home together from school, we were always at each other’s house everyday after school, we took baths together, and we even liked the same boy at school. That to me is what I remembered about a real best friend. I moved away in the third grade. I don’t know why I didn’t tell her. She didn’t know how to react the last day I saw her. And I remember avoiding her. Then about two months later I came to visit my class. I remember her standing in the corner by herself looking at me , but didn’t know what to say. I felt so horrible I couldn’t face her , instead acted like She wasn’t there as everyone else was giving me their attention. I remember she looked confused, and probably wasn’t sure whether to say something to me either. I didn’t understand it then, but a lot of this withdrawing came from how I was brought up. I haven’t had a best friend since her, that is the honest truth. I had a lot of good friends come and go in my life, but I never allowed myself to be close enough with anyone to consider them my best friend, not after Jenny. I still think about her and whether she remembers me. If I had a chance to apologize and go back in time, I wonder if I would have a best friend today. So best friend to me feels like something I always yearn for, something from a distant memory, in which I wish to turn back time and redo it all over again, be the best friend that I can be and always be there for her. That is what a best friend is. Something that’s been impossible for me to have after Jenny.



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