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I want to earn money by writing a technical blog. How can I do that?


You have decided your niche that is technical blog and you put one step towards your blogging career.

Let’s have a look at how you can do that to make money from a technical blog.

➡️Firslty step is to choose a niche that you already done means a technical blog so directly jump to the next step.

➡️After choosing a niche, decide which platform you want to choose for blogging. whether blogger, WordPress or any other.

➡️If you’re choosing blogger then you will get a free domain name and hosting as well. so you don’t need to buy anything.

➡️If you’ve decided to go with WordPress then buy domain name hosting from hosting providers like Bluehost, Namecheap and Siteground.

➡️Now you have everything that you need for creating a blog and create and launch your blog.

➡️If you’ve decided to choose a blogger platform then here 👇 👇is a bonus guide for you.

✅ How to Create a Free blog With Blogger | With No Money.

Here you will get step by step guide for how to create a blog for free on the blogger platform.

➡️After creating a blog, what you have to do next is add a suitable theme.

➡️In blogger templates are used to give the design of your website.

➡️According to the look and feel you want you can choose a perfect theme for your blog.

Here is 👉 How You Can Add a Theme to a Blogger blog

➡️Next, start adding content for your potential audience.

➡️Make a list of topics that you want to include in your technical blog.

➡️But before that, you need to add some essential pages that you see on almost every website. I mean privacy policy, contact us, about and disclaimer

➡️Are you thinking about how you can add a page to a blogger?

➡️Don’t worry here is all stuff for you. Check out this 👇 👇 guide

✅ How to create and add pages in blogger

➡️Now you’ve learned about pages and the next and most important thing is actually content that you want to deliver to your audience i.e Post

Do you want to know how to add posts in blogger. Here 👇 👇 is how you can!

✅How To Create and Add Posts in Blogger

➡️After adding this stuff you’ve added all necessary information to your blog.

➡️After that, you add content on regular basis and learn techniques for how to bring traffic to your blog.

➡️Because without traffic you can’t earn any money from a blog.

➡️The different ways that you can use to earn money from a blog are Google AdSense, affiliate marketing, sponsored content, selling digital products and many more.

Here is one quick guide for you! If you’re a beginner then you can check out this guide!

✅Beginner’s Guide For Blogging | Make Money Online

I hope this Guide will help you!

Happy Blogging!

✍️Kamaljeet Kaur



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